Jeanne Matthews

Jeanne's new series is published!

“There is a lot at stake in this book, with plenty of suspenseful twists and turns…well-developed characters and tons of atmosphere pulled straight from the 19th Century."


                -Joyce Yarrow, author of Zahara and the Lost Books of Light and Sandstorm

“…a lush mystery that moves at the speed of a racing heart.  Like the best historical novels, Devil by the Tail holds up a mirror to the present even as it reflects and illuminates the past.”


                -Bill Cameron, award-winning author of County Line and Crossroad


“Matthews brings 1800s Chicago to life…lacing the story with action and confrontation to keep the pace fast and the intrigue high.”


                -Recommended Reading - Donovan’s Bookshelf”



“The seedy underbelly of 1867 Chicago with its brothels and yellow journalism is on full display and adds greatly to the reader’s fun.  I enjoyed Devil by the Tail so much that it’s going on my list of best books read in 2021.”


                -Lelia Taylor, Buried Under Books Blog

"It's not only the people and places in this book I love. It's the language. Matthews does dialogue and description like nobody else."

-Jane Isenberg, award-winning author of The Bones and the Book, and Murder in the Melting Pot

"A simply wonderful mystery! Devil by the Tail provides the reader with multiple levels of enjoyment. Huzzah!"

-Curt Colbert, award-winning author of Rat City and All Along the Watchtower

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